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Delaware Zika Cases Increase To Four

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Laboratory-confirmed Zika virus disease cases reported to ArboNET by state or territory — United States, 2015–2016 (as of June 08, 2016)


StatesTravel-associated cases*
No. (%)
Locally acquired cases†
No. (%)
Alabama2      (<1)0    (0)
Arizona2      (<1)0    (0)
Arkansas5      (1)0    (0)
California48    (7)0    (0)
Colorado4      (1)0    (0)
Connecticut1      (<1)0    (0)
Delaware4      (1)0    (0)

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Delaware health officials Friday announced a fourth confirmed case of the Zika virus in the state, once again caused by an individual traveling abroad and acquiring the disease via a mosquito bite. 

The fourth case is a man in Kent County who traveled abroad in May. That is all Division of Public Health officials would release on the matter. 

Two women and a man, all from New Castle County, were the first cases, confirmed in February and March. 

Officials said there have been no confirmed cases in the state of a mosquito biting an infected individual and then transferring Zika to another individual. 

The virus can also be spread by men via oral, vaginal, and anal sex. 



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