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El Salvador Zika Confirmed Microcephaly Cases Increase To Two

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El Salvador confirms second case of microcephaly linked to zika

JUL 82016
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Health officials in El Salvador today confirmed a second case of microcephaly in a newborn associated with zika and said they expect the same increase.


Elmen epidemiologist Mendoza, Research Unit of the Ministry of Health (MINSAL), told Efe that this is a girl in the eastern department of Ahuachapan who was born on June 6.

Mendoza explained that microcephaly suffering the neonate is "moderate", given that at birth the diameter of its head was 30 centimeters, when "normal is 35 to 40".

"There are other elements (for cataloging the condition), but the most important thing is to talk the brain perimeter that has the girl, evolution will depend on continuous assessments to be made in the first two years of life, when the brain begins to take the appropriate volume, "said the expert.

The first case of this congenital malformation linked to zika was confirmed by the head of MINSAL, Violeta Menjivar, on 14 June. On that occasion, he was a child born in April 2016 in the central department of La Paz.

Mendoza said Friday they expect "cases increase and that in two or three months begin to reduce."

The epidemiologist explained that this increase would be tied to women who were infected with the disease in the first three months of gestation between November and December 2015, when the existence of the virus was confirmed in this country, would already giving birth.

According to a study published in The Lancet, made during an outbreak of the virus between 2014 and 2015 in French Polynesia, one in every hundred infected women during the first trimester of pregnancy risk that the fetus develop microcephaly.

So far this year El Salvador has a total of 74 children born with malformation, of which only the two mentioned are related to the zika.

Historically this country computes three cases of microcephaly per month, according to the source.

Mendoza also noted that in this country a total 318 pregnant women have presented "a picture compatible with zika" since the outbreak was recorded in 2015, of which at least 118 and they gave birth without the neonate present evil birth.

In fact, the expert MINSAL stressed that the two confirmed cases of microcephaly are women who have been infected and did not go to a health center because they did not show the characteristic symptoms of the virus.

"These children are as safe as they are of those who did not have a clinical picture and now born with microcephaly," explained Mendoza, who said that only one in five infected people develop fever and skin rashes.,70f3728cbd776ee704339d1f5f906ff71jaqye8x.html


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