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Second Microcephaly Live Birth Neiba Dominican Republic

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It is a 6.5 pound girl who was born on July 17, in good general condition in the San Bartolomé hospital, Neiba, Baoruco province.

 The National Epidemiological Surveillance System (MOH), Ministry of Dominican Health reported the second case with morphological features compatible with microcephaly, said Friday the Department of Maternal and Child Health and Adolescent (DIGEMIA).

This is a girl 6.5lbs who was born on July 17, in good general condition in the San Bartolomé hospital, Neiba province Baoruco, with head circumference compatible with microcephaly, said the director of DIGEMIA, José Mordán, through a statement posted on the website of the Ministry.

The mother did not present history of virus infection during pregnancy, so the hospital authorities sent the sample to the reference laboratory and awaiting results of tests to establish any link with the disease.

At the moment, the newborn was performed a neurological evaluation to determine the category of the case of microcephaly.


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