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H5N8 Confirmed Duck Farms In Biddinghuizen Netherlands Increases To Three

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Thursday, December 1, 2016 - Editorial Boer Business

Thursday night is another duck now cleared in Biddinghuizen, due to the highly contagious bird flu Influenza A virus subtype H5N8. This is now the third company where the virus has been identified and the fourth company is culled. Now the virus is spreading significantly, state secretary has announced additional emergency measures during the phosphate debate in the House.

Many cases in European countries known

As there is for poultry with ducks and turkeys immediately a hygiene protocol. This means that there may only be transported even after the animals have been tested clinically. Also, there should only be transported directly.NVWA will strictly monitor the implementation of the Protocol. The bird flu is not only a problem in the Netherlands. In several European countries are dead birds found in many places, while in Japan, cases are known.


The company which has been evacuated Thursday morning, has 8500 animals. This company was sat still controlled and when it appeared that the animals were not infected. Later, the farmer has yet been reported in the NVWA because striking many animals died. At the first farm where bird flu has been identified 190,000 ducks culled. Thursday night there so again cleared a company. How many animals have been culled here, is not yet known. 

Image: On the illustration above a geographical list where recent outbreaks have been detected bird flu in Europe. See link

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Again H5 bird flu in ducks business in Biddinghuizen


Biddinghuizen , Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Biddinghuizen (Dronten) on Thursday, December 1st, 2016 at a second meat-using business avian influenza (H5) was adopted. To prevent further spread of the virus, this company is also cleared today. In total there are approximately 8,500 meat ducks.

The culling is carried out by the Dutch Food and Goods Authority (NVWA) and lasts all day. It now struck ducks company located in the 3-kilometer zone from the last Saturday declared infected duck farm in Biddinghuizen, reports the Economy Ministry.

In the area of one kilometer around today declared infected farm in Biddinghuizen are no other companies. In the area of three kilometers around the company is yet another poultry farm. This company is sampled and tested for avian influenza. 

Movement ban 10 km zone

State Secretary Van Dam Economic Affairs immediately announced a ban on transporting poultry in an area of ten kilometers around the affected farm today in Biddinghuizen. 

This region overlaps to a large extent with the previously selected area where this movement ban was already in force. This movement ban covers include poultry, eggs, poultry manure and used bedding. All previously taken national measures remain in force.

The movement ban has no effect on the corridors that are set for the slaughter Tomasen Duck-To and GPS, hatchery and Tanghe the designated packing center / egg processor NIVE.


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Slaughterhouses in Ermelo, Nunspeet and Harderwijk locked because of bird flu


Broiler slaughterhouse GPS in Nunspeet and ducks slaughterhouses Tomassen Duck-To in Ermelo and VSE in Harderwijk are provisionally locked as a result of the measures taken due to infection with avian influenza from a duck farm in Biddinghuizen. Both slaughterhouses are within the surveillance zone established in a radius of 10 kilometers around the affected poultry farm in Biddinghuizen.

Transport of poultry is prohibited in this area, making the slaughterhouses no chickens and ducks may argue.

The measures mean likely that companies wishing to dispose ducks for slaughter at abattoirs in East Germany or Poland have been identified. Outside the slaughterhouses in Ermelo and Harderwijk there are no possibilities for the slaughter of ducks in the Netherlands.

Tomassen Duck-To 1 September oevrgenomen the VSE activities. The slaughter was transferred to Ermelo and the duck slaughterhouse in Harderwijk is out. Slaughter capacity has been increased in Ermelo. There are weekly 180,000 to 190,000 ducks slaughtered. These are partly come from the Netherlands, but also come in part from Germany. Tomassen calls for setting a corridor to the slaughterhouse in Ermelo, where it appears that the bird flu infection, only to a company in Biddinghuizen and has not spread to companies in Hierden and Ermelo.

In the 10 kilometer zone around Biddinghuizen, besides the slaughterhouses several other poultry-related companies are located. It goes next to firms with ducks, broilers and laying hens, for example, to the vaccine hatchery hatchery and Tanghe in Harderwijk.


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