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South Korea MERS Cases Increase To 184

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SubjectHomers 7.3 days (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking
Added2015-07-03 [Last Updated: 2015-07-03]Views1158
RepresentativesCHANG Young JinDepartmentHomers central management task force

Homers (Middle respiratory diseases) Daily Tracking

42 people under treatment (22.8%), hospital 109 people (59.2%) died 33 patients (18.0%) with a total of 184 people confirmed

Yesterday, compared to 6 people decreased during the treatment, discharge, party seven people increased, the death toll unchanged, one people diagnosed increase

42 patients being treated condition is stable 30 patients (71.4%), instability in 12 patients (28.6%)

82 people diagnosed type of hospital patients, family / visits 64 people, hospital workers 38 people

  1. General Status

    Department of Health and Human Services Homers central management task force is now 06:00 7.3 days, the patient is being treated juleotgo six people in 42 (22.8%), The hospital said seven people grow hayeotdago increased to a total of 109 patients (59.2%).

    There were no deaths fluctuations in 33 patients (18.0%), one people diagnosed personnel increased by a total of 184 people were counted.

    The patient's condition is stable, being treated 30 people, 12 people are unstable.

    <General Status>

    Unit: Name]

    DivisionDuring treatmentDischargeDyingConfirmed
    Cumulative (7.3 6:00)42 (30 Stable, Unstable 12)10933184
    Yesterday, increase or decrease contrast△ 670One
  2. Discharge Status

    A total of 10 people to hospital increased from 6.30 to 7.2 days with 109 people who full discharge.

    The new hospital 16th (male, 41 years old), 147th (over 46 years), 127th (over 76 years), 149th (over 84 years) and 132nd (male, 55 years), 166th (male, 62 years), the 178th confirmed by (male, 29 years) patients.

    The hospital treatment been received by the administration, such as antibiotics and antiviral agents, symptomatic therapy, respiratory symptoms were fever appeared to have improved both the tests results conducted a two-time Homers voice to cure decision.

    Currently 109 of them are male characters to discharge 60 patients (55.0%), women are 49 people (45.0%), age 40 to the 27 (24.8%) 50 24 (22.0%), 60 19 people (17.4%), 30 and 17 (15.6%) 70 13 (11.9%), 20 in 7 patients (6.4%), 10 one patient (0.9%), 80 one patient (0.9%) Net a.

    <Discharge party status>

    Unit: people (%)

  3. Status Confirmed

    1 people diagnosed has increased compared to the previous day.

    As 184th confirmed case of Samsung Seoul Hospital medical staff (nurses), epidemiological studies are currently being conducted.

    <Confirm the new status>

    (Gender, age)

    Tracking NumberPersonal InformationConfirmed dayOverview
    184th(Female, 24 years)7.2Working with the Samsung Seoul Hospital medical staff (nurses) (in epidemiology)
  4. Death Status

    No new deaths, classified by type is the same as yesterday.

    33 Gender Male deaths of 22 patients (66.7%) women and 11 (33.3%), and age 60 to 70, the most abundant in exchange for each ten (30.3%), 80 in 7 patients (21.2%), 50 vs. 5 patients (15.2%), and 40 1 (3%) net.

    A total of 33 deaths out of various chronic diseases (cancer, heart lung ‧ ‧ kidney disease, diabetes, and immunocompromised diseases such as underlying disease holder) or are at high risk, such as goyeonryeongcheung 30 patients (90.9%).

    <Fatalities Status>

    Unit: people (%)

  5. Confirmed types and basic characteristics

    When we classify the 184 people diagnosed with type,

    A patient is hospitalized or visited the most abundant 82 patients (44.6%), and the patient's family or non-family visitors, etc. This munbyeong 64 (34.8%), hospital workers, including doctors, 38 patients (20.7%).

    <Diagnosed type>

    Unit: people (%)

    Total① hospital patients② the patient's family / caregivers / Visitors③ hospital workers
    GunDoctorNurseRadiationTransfer agentsAmbulanceCaregiversPetition police / security personnelComputational companies

    Gender Male of 111 patients (60.3%), women are 73 (39.7%),

    Age is the most abundant in the 50s 41 (22.3%) 60 36 (19.6%) 70 30 (16.3%) 40 29 (15.8%), 30 and 26 (14.1%), etc. of the net.

    <Basic characteristics of the proven personnel>

    Unit: people (%)

  6. Quarantine and release status

    06:00 Currently 7.3 days, a total of 2067 people who are isolated are juleotgo than 171 people the day before with (△ 7.6%), who has been released from quarantine has been released a total of 14,062 people were newly isolated 241 day.

    Full isolated juleotgo party (2067 people) who self-isolation of the 175 people to 1610 people (△ 9.8%), was aggregated to the hospital four patients (0.9%) increased by 457 people who isolation.

    <Isolation and release status>

    Unit: people (%)

    DivisionIsolated subjectsIsolated release party
    Cumulative (7.3 6:00)2067161045714 062
    Yesterday, increase or decrease contrast△ 171△ 1754241
    (△ 7.6)(△ 9.8)(0.9)(1.7)

[Appendix] Homers confirmed (discharge / death / includes treatment) and isolated status


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