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Zika Cuba Pregnant HCW ex-Brazil

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Cuba announces seventh event in the country Zika

In this article: Cuba , Zika
March 27, 2016 + | 

zikaHealth authorities in Cuba announced comienzode a second stage in the fight against the mosquito, after announcing the seventh case of Zika detected in the country

The Ministry of Public Health of Cuba confirmed Sunday that a pregnant woman, identified as a Cuban medical, sick of the dangerous virus last week after returning from Brazil, one of the countries most affected area.

Cuba strives to "hold off" not only cases of zika, but also other expanding tropical virus such as dengue and chikungunya.


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Pregnant, eighth case of Zika in Cuba

A Cuban doctor from Brazil tested positive for evidence of the disease. The authorities of the island will begin on Monday the second campaign against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which carries the virus.

Spraying against mosquitoes that carry Zika in Venezuela
Spraying against mosquitoes that carry Zika in Venezuela

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US warns of risk in Cuba Zika

Recommend pregnant women not to travel to Cuba and the rest of the population to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Authorities issued an alert level 2 out of 3.

Reported another case of Zika in Cuba

There are now six cases of Zika in Cuba; five of them imported and one native.

Cuba recorded its first indigenous case of the Zika virus

A young Havana who has not traveled abroad was diagnosed with the virus after symptoms of the disease, an official note from the Ministry of Public Health.

Zika fourth case in Cuba, all via Venezuela

The Ministry of Public Health reported Wednesday that a Cuban computer engineer from Caracas tested positive for the virus.

Tras to publicize the eighth case of Zika in Cuba , in a briefing note published Saturday, the Ministry of Public Health and the authorities of the island will begin on Monday the second campaign against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, transmitter of the disease.

Although the Cuban authorities claim that the spread of the disease has been controlled through the first campaign launched against the transmitter vector, which mobilized more than 9,000 membersof the armed forces and police, a new case of Zika has been confirmed this week , that of a pregnant .

"Diagnosed the seventh imported case of patient confirmed with Zika virus, corresponding to Cuban partner, MGI specialist, 36 years old, who arrived in the country from Brazil on March 22, resident in street B No. 304 between Calixto Garcia and Los Maceos city of Guantanamo , "explained an information note MINSAP Saturday.

The patient had not shown symptoms of the virus, but was admitted immediately because it is a pregnant 28 weeks gestation, authorities said. A test sent to the Institute of Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri was positive.

In the second season , the island will deploy thousands of students across the country to educate people on the importance of eradicating the mosquito, as well as new spraying equipment, as made known local media.

In a report on the results of the previous season, Cuban health authorities also said the municipalities with the highest incidence of dengue on the island.

" It is reported dengue transmission in 14 provinces and 46 municipalities , and decreased the incidence rate of suspected cases of this virus is maintained in this week regarding the above. The highest indicators are reported in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Ciego de Avila Guantanamo, Artemisa, Mayabeque and Havana , "the report said .


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